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Introducing AAX

The online advertising ecosystem is broken. Let's fix it, together

The Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX) allows publishers, advertisers and users to benefit from a healthy, respectful and human ecosystem. It is a 100% transparent, brand-safe programmatic marketplace that acts as a bridge between the needs of the publisher, the marketer and the wishes of the user.

Acceptable Ads

Acceptable Ads are respectful, high-quality, site-relevant ads that even ad-blocking users accept. Acceptable Ads allow publishers to monetize in an engaging and value-adding format. This allows advertisers to reach a premium, tech-savvy audience. Estimated at 11% of the global internet population, this demographic is unreachable with ad exchanges that don’t support Acceptable Ads.

Surveys show the vast majority of ad-blocking users want to block obnoxious ads, not all ads

Acceptable Ads allow publishers, networks and advertisers to generate more viable revenue sources. This keeps online content free while providing a more positive user experience.

AAX is the only digital ad exchange with this high-quality inventory and 100% human audience.