Industry Roundup: March 2019

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  • According to a recent eMarketer article, 2019 is expected to a “milestone year” in global advertising, as two momentous events will take place through the course of it: firstly, for the first time, spending on digital advertising in the US will surpass spending on traditional advertising (approximately 129 billion USD to 109 billion USD), and secondly, another first, the collective market share of the online duopoly is expected to shrink, mostly due to Amazon’s rapidly growing US advertising business. Read more >

  • Admiral, a circumvention company, announced raising $5.1 million to support its growth


    • This March, Google announced that through the course of 2019, Google Ad Manager auctions will be switching from a ‘second-price auction’ model, where a winning advertiser pays one cent higher above the second-highest bid, to a ‘first-price auction’ model. As the biggest global ad exchange, this change is expected to have far reaching influences which will be felt all through the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Read more >



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