The Acceptable Ads Exchange

Access a valuable new audience

Reach a previously untapped audience of 150 million Acceptable Ads users with relevant, respectful ads.

The Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX) is the best and simplest way to monetize users that typically do not see ads in a sustainable, profitable way. All advertisements in AAX respect user choice and as such the vast majority of normally unreachable users -- over 150 million of them -- consent to seeing this nonintrusive inventory.

AAX is a sophisticated programmatic solution that connects buyers and sellers of Acceptable Ads. Whether you are a publisher, advertiser or internet user, AAX brings unique benefits.

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What is the Acceptable Ads Exchange?

The Acceptable Ads Exchange (AAX) allows publishers, advertisers and users to benefit from a healthy, respectful and human ecosystem. It is a programmatic marketplace that acts as a bridge between the needs of the publisher, the marketer and the wishes of the user.

We do this by connecting buyers and sellers of Acceptable Ads - ads that respect user experience and that a consenting base of 150 million users are willing to see. The criteria for what is acceptable are maintained by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee.

AAX - better for everyone.

For publishers, AAX builds a bridge to a previously unreachable audience. It is easy to implement, zero maintenance, and there are no hidden fees. Brand-safe, premium programmatic advertising, guaranteed.

For advertisers, AAX increases reach and efficiency and allows sole access to a highly valuable audience. Respectful ads are served to opted-in users on participating publishers’ sites. Enjoy low distraction rates and minimal ad-placement competition, while buying programmatically directly from publishers.

For the user, Acceptable Ads protect their web experience. Ads that follow the criteria are not intrusive, annoying or misleading.

For a better future.

We want to reestablish the value proposition between users and publishers. Partner with us to help make that a reality.