AAX offers several benefits for publishers.

Make your untapped audience available to premium brands. Join AAX to increase your revenue.

Leverage direct advertiser relationships. Execute your direct sold campaigns as long as the creative fits AAX criteria.

Offer a positive user experience to ad-blocking readers with engaging, noninvasive ads.

A 100% transparent marketplace with no hidden fees.

Monetize your ad-blocking audience. An estimated 11% of the global internet population uses an ad blocker. The insight from these users helped design the Acceptable Ads criteria.

AAX is a viable way to monetize premium content, without disrupting user experience. It allows you to serve ads without antagonizing your audience.

Easy to implement. AAX supports RTB, Acceptable Ads fallbacks, and direct advertisement. Avoid sub-optimal integrations and questionable demand.

Zero maintenance. Automatically check for Acceptable Ads compliance. Set up an Acceptable Ads fallback system with ease.

Peace of mind. With Acceptable Ads you can be sure your ads are served. No more cat-and-mouse games with ad-blocking users.

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